A business strategy is what drives the business to achieve its goals. But how can we ensure that our strategies bring us the results we actually desire?

The basic idea for a business is to fulfil someone else’s need for the sake of a profit. Now that we are fulfilling the customer’s need, shouldn’t they come to us, instead of the traditional way where the business owner or the sales team runs after the customer?

The reason this does not happen is that we do not have magnetic strategies to pull our customers. In fact, the idea of a customer coming to us is so alien that our brain has difficulty even processing it. So we need strategies that are magnetic. Strategies that attract customers to us and ensure continuous work flow.

Now when I say this, many minds will go that is impossible. I will address that with one simple statement. Just because we don’t know something, does not mean it is impossible. It only means that we do not know. And there’s always scope to learn things we don’t know. So don’t let your brain win by letting it get away with the word “impossible”.

The other necessity is for the strategy is to be profitable. Because if you are running a business and not making a profit, then it’s not a business it’s either charity or a hobby! The whole idea of starting a business is to make a healthy profit and if it is not serving that purpose, then there is no point in continuing. Ensure that your business strategies make you money.

So for a business to have strategies that help achieve its goal, they must be magnetic and profitable.

Are you building strategies that are magnetic and profitable?