What are the attributes of a team member? What makes him/her the right choice?

I’m sure we all have people in our offices who are very loyal and truly care for the company but they are not capable of producing results by themselves. These are the committed people.

Everyone wants committed people, but ask yourself, is that enough? Because if they are not capable of producing results by themselves, you will have to keep intervening and doing things.

This does not qualify as a great team member because they are only committed. The dangerous part about these people is that they can create a lot of emotional conflict within us because of the emotions attached to the job. We can’t even bring ourselves to fire them because they care so much.

On the other hand, we also have team members who are great at what they do. They are highly capable and get things done. They achieve results and fulfil targets. But they don’t follow the systems or process. They don’t play well in a team. These are the competent people. Only competent.

Once again, not the right kind of people to have on your team because they are only competent.

What you want in your team is a combination of both – COMMITTED AND COMPETENT.

It’s like building a pyramid. The foundation of the pyramid needs to be strong and the foundation is the commitment that your team members have. The beauty of the pyramid lies at the top which what competency is.

Now, I’m sure you must be thinking, “Where do I find people like this, who are both, committed and competent?”

The truthful answer to that is, you CANNOT find such people. Nobody you hire will be a perfect match. They will not have all the qualities you desire.

You have to BUILD people like that. It is the job of the business owner to build their team to be committed and competent.

Are you growing a committed and competent team?