You walk in to a family get together or a social gathering after a long time… everyone greetsyou and makes remarks like ‘You are so busy nowadays, not to be seen at all’, ‘You are livingyour dream, you have your own business’, ‘I keep seeing your updates on Facebook, youseem to be living life fully’.

While from the outside all these statements make you feel good about yourself, on theinside the sad reality is only known to you.

Are you a ‘no time’ and ‘no money’ entrepreneur? If yes, do not worry. You are not alone.

The sad reality is that most business owners suffer from the ‘I have no time and I have nomoney as well’ problem. You don’t believe me? Talk to your other business owner friendsand they will smile with pain when you go beyond the ‘we are so cool, we areentrepreneurs’ conversations.

I see this as a trap of self-employment. A situation created by the business ownerhimself/herself when things don’t go as they wished it would and then they get into a cycleof fire-fighting where business is doing well in their head as long as we are able to paymonthly salaries and clear our bills. This mind-set is disastrous as it only shows that youhave sold the idea to yourself that survival is the best situation possible for you and yourbusiness.

So the question is, how do I get out of a ‘no time’ + ‘no money’ situation?

  • Confront yourself – The first step is to confront yourself on the fact that you havesold yourself the idea of self-employment which is nothing but being a job ownerwho gets paid only when there is money left after clearing all the salaries and bills!
  • Reset your vision – You did not decide to be an entrepreneur to be in a situationwhere you are broke and do not have time. That’s just plain ridiculous. Ask yourself– what did you truly want for yourself when you chose to be an entrepreneur? Gobeyond the mask of ‘I just wanted to serve my customers’ and ask your self – ‘Don’tI deserve more for myself?’
  • Break your business – Challenge the way you are doing things now. The reality isthat you have created a reality about how things work in your business because ofthe things that did not go as per your plans and perceptions. Challenge yourbusiness model, your team’s competence, your competence, your product, yourpricing, your strategies, your systems!

There are more steps I can give you, but I will stop at these three steps and ask you to writeto my office about what were your insights after completing the above three steps and thenI will give you the way forward…

So work on these steps and write into with your subject line –Getting out of Self-Employment!