Why do you own a business?

A business is all about creating wealth, providing quality service and helping people grow. How can we do that best? By making sure the business is structured to benefit all parties involved i.e. your customer, your team and you yourself.

A customer wins when he/she gets value for the money they invest. For this, you need to make sure that you deliver more value than promised because a delighted customer is a regular customer and can be a great referral partner in the long run.

The team or team member wins when he/she learns and grows through the experience and in the long term realise their financial and career aspirations. It is important to ensure that your team is happy and achieving all that they want to.

And finally, the business owner wins when he/she makes a profit while enjoying what they do. Another important factor for the business owner is having more time.

In fact, if you think about it, all of this is interconnected. An unhappy customer is sure to affect the happiness of the team and the owner. An unhappy team member will not provide the expected quality which will both, the customer and the owner and an unhappy business owner will not be able to guide his/her team right thus affecting the quality and the client happiness.

This is a cycle that needs to be maintained in any business. One party losing will affect the others. And eventually, the business itself will face the brunt.

So ensuring a win-win-win scenario is crucial for the growth of any organization, big or small. It is the sustainable approach that will be beneficial in the long run.

Only if the win-win-win philosophy is deeply rooted in the value system of your business will it serve its true purpose and become a sustainable entity of its own.