Have you ever heard the phrase “actions speak louder than words?”

Of course! It was one of the favourite things for our teachers to say.

What they didn’t teach us at school is that there one thing that is more important than actions also…

That is INTENTION! The WHY of any action.

There is always a why, regardless of what anyone says, there is always a reason behind everything we do and it’s that reason that drives us to complete the task. But most of the time, this intention is lost amongst thoughts of the “How”, which is merely the process of accomplishing a task. And since when have we not been able to achieve something when we really put our mind to it?

The easiest explanation to why we get stuck on the “how” is that it is easier to plan and process and get mixed up in the confusion. The problem with this is that it drags us down and holds us back, often baffling us to an extent that we give up altogether. The question related to “how” doesn’t let us think beyond. It shuns away solutions even before we can think of possibilities.

What we don’t understand is that the human brain is designed to keep us in our comfort zone; to ensure our safety. It is bent on keeping us in the comfort zone where it’s safe and harmless. But playing it safe never got us the results we wanted.

The best part is, if we have a solid “why”, a concrete reason to do something with the right motive, the how doesn’t even pose a problem anymore. The how will simply be a hurdle and not a road block.

Would you rather have a solid “Why” or get stuck on the “How” and put off taking action?

Would you rather come up with one solid reason to get things done or make up hundreds of weak reasons to not do it?

Every time you come up with a reason to not do something, go back to your WHY? ALWAYS.