Three mistakes of an Entrepreneur’s life – Part 1
July 5, 2017

Playing for Survival A business that is all about the customer is doomed! Surprised? Well, it’s true. Any business that revolves…

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Is your customer a King or a Professional Friend?
June 27, 2017

Has it ever happened to you that your customer/client has dragged you on and on and on for a payment and…

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You shouldn’t be calling yourself an Entrepreneur
June 6, 2017

An entrepreneur is a symbolic identity of Wealth, Freedom and Creativity. Entrepreneurs create empires, they create legacies. But, unfortunately, most people…

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Are you a ‘no time’ and ‘no money’ entrepreneur?
August 26, 2016

You walk in to a family get together or a social gathering after a long time… everyone greetsyou and makes remarks…

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Three Rules of Failing which will make you a sure shot success!
April 21, 2016

Three Rules of Failing which will make you a sure shot success! We have all heard the clichéd ‘Failure is the…

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5 Classic mistakes made by entrepreneurs… which ones are you making?
March 22, 2016

“Do you own a business or does your business own you?” This is the most important question to answer if you... Read More
Let Go to Let Grow – Stop being a Knowledge Silo!
January 21, 2016

“We want to break the knowledge silos in our organization…” “We need our leaders to learn how to be open to... Read More
P.A.C.E – The Secret to Performance Acceleration Revealed!
January 14, 2016

Do you believe there is a gap between the potential your business has and the actual performance of your business? Do... Read More
January 11, 2016

“Alter your attitude, behaviours, and capabilities today to deserve what you want to achive tomorrow.” Rajiv Talreja, Lead or Bleed 

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January 11, 2016

If you want to accelerate performance, then you’ve got to enhance competence.

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