Setting a goal is easy. Following through to achieve it, not so much.

It so happens that we set a goal and then our actions are not aligned with it. This tends to happen when we set the goals for the wrong reasons. The most common of these is a goal we set because of a reaction.

For example, when someone tells me I cannot do something, I react and set my goal just to get back at them and spite those who discouraged me. This goal carries a negative energy that will eventually burn out and leave me in a bad state of mind. These goals can also come as a reaction to rejection or some kind of insult. The negative charge that comes with these goals is that of vengeance and desperation.  Sounds familiar?

Another way that many people set a goal is by limiting themselves in their thinking. They don’t understand the possibility of what can be achieved once systems and strategies are in place in their business and therefore set a safe goal that is easily attainable. This safe zone keeps them from the possibility and the true potential of their goal. It is a predictable goal that will keep you in your comfort zone. This is also the most popular way goals are set, because it just takes past performance as a referring point and is happy with a perceived decent.

Now, the ideal way to set goals for your business is by making sure that the goal is SMART i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. When your goal is SMART it becomes an easy to follow, step by step process that can be tracked and measured. And what gets measured gets done. And let this goal be ASPIRATIONAL in nature because, here you can challenge your own strengths and surprise yourself by achieving a never defined bench mark. How do you think that would make you feel?

A goal set for the right reasons becomes easier to achieve and pushes you in the right direction with the right energy. These goals are more future focused and explore the possibility of what can be done if the right steps are taken.

A goal is supposed to be inspiring and challenging all at the same time. It should drive you to do more, to achieve more.

What kind of goal have you set for your business?