Have you ever heard people say, “He is a born salesman!”? Of course you have. In fact, we’ve all said it to someone at least once. What we fail to realize is that selling, like any other, is learnable skill. Nobody is a born salesman.

A good sales person is built The question that arises is, how do you build a good sales person? The simple answer to this is to first learn to sell yourself. How can you teach something you’re not familiar with? More importantly, how will you know the challenges faced by your sales person if you don’t put yourself in their shoes?

This is where most business owners make a mistake. They believe that hiring someone who has the right skills on paper is the solution to increasing sales numbers. That is not true.

This person you hire may have experience in selling but that does not necessarily mean he/she is aware of the challenges that are faced by your specific industry and how to tackle them. And as much as we would like to believe it, nobody has selling in their blood. It is an acquired skill.

So, this is a myth that all business owners need to shatter for themselves. Nurture yourself to be a sales person, teach yourself the skills and then pass them on to an able team.

Another part that I would like to address is how we, as sales people, we expect everyone to buy. Whereas the reality is that not everyone needs or wants the product or service that we provide and that is perfectly alright. It is okay to not convert every client you approach. And while it can put you off a little, all we need to do is have a little more conviction in ourselves and move on to take massive action which is to approach the next prospect with the positive energy even if you are not feeling that at that very moment.

Everything said and done, sales is a game and hence like any other game, the more you play, the better you get and it becomes easier to win. Just give yourself and your team time to learn and grow.

How are you going to build a sales army?