Why does anyone buy anything?

It’s a question worth pondering over and the answer seems obvious… because they need it, sometimes they want it. But have you ever wondered why they buy, or in some cases, don’t buy from you?

It’s simply because they don’t see enough value in the product/service.

The question you need to answer for yourself is how to create an indisputable value proposition.

It’s not as difficult as it might sound. It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is answer these three questions-

  1. Why buy this?
  2. Why buy from me?
  3. Why buy now?

“Why buy this?” is the question that will show them the value of your product/service. The answer could vary from extremely simple benefits that your client will get to extremely promising claims. It depends on what your business is. Answering this question will also bring you clarity about what you are currently offering and what more you could do to increase the value proposition of your product or service. Once you’re clear about why the customer should buy it, you will be more confident of what you’re offering and will be able to sell better also.

The next question is “Why buy from me?”

What is it that you are offering that your competitors are not? Is it a better price? Better service? Better quality? It could be anything that your client values. Something as simple as sticking to deadlines and keeping your commitments. This question can greatly influence the decision of your customer. And having a clarity of what all you can offer makes it all the more appealing for the client to choose you.

The third and final question for you to answer is, “Why buy now?”

This question creates a sense of urgency while also giving the client the ideal reason to buy immediately. You could make this all the more appealing by creating time-bound offers and deals that will encourage your customer to buy it now.

Always remember that the more value you give, the higher the chances are of the customer buying from you and keep coming back because of what you have to offer?

Do you have an indisputable value proposition for your business?