Has it ever happened to you that your customer/client has dragged you on and on and on for a payment and there was NOTHING you could do about it? If you are a business owner, then yes, you have gone through this!

It’s only natural for an entrepreneur to face a situation where they are waiting on hand and foot to receive payment.


Has it ever occurred to you, why this happens? I mean, you hold your end of the bargain, deliver on time but the client takes their own sweet time to process the money.


Could it be because we treat our customers like kings and agree with everything they say? We do what they ask.  We go above and beyond to impress them!

All for what?

The answer is obvious… because we want their business!


Ask yourself, how far are you willing to go get business?

Unfortunately, most will answer with a simple, “anything!”


The question that comes to mind is, is there a better way? Is there a way where you not only get the respect you deserve but also the payments come in on time!


Sounds impossible?


Well, it’s not!

It’s all about how you treat your customer. Do you put them on a pedestal and worship them for giving you work or do you treat them like a professional friend and build relationships based on trust, mutual respect and mutual benefit?


The answer is simple but the change in actions is not, so let’s look at a few actions that you can change to ensure you don’t put your customer above you.


The first thing to keep in mind is that your customer is NOT a king! He is simply a professional friend. After all, casual is the new formal!

The more you put them on a pedestal, the more they will look down on you! Find the balance, where you don’t look down on them but they don’t look down on you either. The crux of the matter is that you are both equals!


Another action that can change the scenario is for you to be authentic! People can smell it when you’re faking something, and nobody likes a phony!

Be real, be authentic and care, truly care for your customer and see how they treat you after that.


The choice is simple and so are the steps. It’s all about finding the balance between giving and receiving.

What other actions could you take to find that perfect balance with a client?