“We want to break the knowledge silos in our organization…”

“We need our leaders to learn how to be open to sharing what they know and teaching it to others…”

“The know-how exists in the team but only with few members who are not willing to teach it to the others…”

These are typical problem statements I have heard some of my HR clients share at the objective setting stage of my coaching intervention with their leadership and management teams.

The mind-set present in certain leaders to not share information and knowledge with their team members out of the fear that teaching everything they know will make them redundant is fascinating and flawed! This is the biggest myth leaders carry.

The truth is this type of mentality will only reduce the efficiency of the overall operations, reduce morale, and may contribute to the demise of a productive company culture. Insecurity after all is not a leadership trait!

To demystify the job responsibility of a leader, I would like to share a simple yet powerful one line job description for any leader in any organization –

“The job of a leader/manager is to develop more leaders/managers PERIOD.”

The key is to learn how to let go of your insecurity and share your knowledge to let you and others grow. You will not be ready for the next level in your career growth chart until you have someone ready to replace you. The biggest success for a manager or a business owner is to have someone else who can replace them to get things done with equal or better efficiency levels.

Remember the mantra is “Let go to let grow” and if you have fears on letting go, do share them in the comments below so we could have a conversation on practical solutions for the same…