What is the end goal for any business owner?

To build a business that can grow without him/her. A business so strong in its operations that the business owner no longer needs to spend every waking moment worrying about growing it.

While we need business sensibilities and knowledge on how to develop the operations of a business, we also need to grow personally. The only way to accomplish this is through continuous learning. What if a business grows and the business owner remains the same? Will it not be a complete mismatch?

In a situation like this the business and the business owner, both will suffer. The business will start to tank and the owner will be frustrated because his/her hard work will amount to nothing.

This is why it is necessary for the entrepreneur to invest in personal learning and growth continuously. When I say growth, I don’t mean going back to college and getting more diplomas and degrees. I mean grow personally, read books, gain insight into the lives of people more successful and understand how they reached where they are.

The second skill that is a must for any business owner is teaching. It could sound unreal but it’s true. Simply because how would your team be able to do what you do unless you teach them how to? Training your team to follow the systems and structures is the most important task of the business owner.

What could be the consequences of not training your team?

The easiest answer to that is, the systems you have built to sustain your business will crumble. If your team doesn’t follow the systems you created to accelerate your business, how will the business grow without you?

These skills are the most important tool for any business owner. It is necessary for you to develop a habit of continuous learning and pass on that learning to your teams so they grow.

When you grow, your team grows. And when your team grows, your business grows.