Do you believe there is a gap between the potential your business has and the actual performance of your business?

Do you want to accelerate the performance of your business and your team?

If your answer to the above questions is ‘Yes’, then this post may give you some food for thought.

What does one do to accelerate the performance of their team or business? The answer typically will be to set goals, create plans and motivate, inspire and push people to achieve the goals right?

Wrong! If you want to enhance the results of your team, then merely setting higher goals and plans and motivating people is not going to get you those goals. This method is as ignorant as sowing papaya seeds, giving it water and sunlight and praying for the tree to give you mangoes. By law of nature, that is not possible.

The secret to accelerating the performance of your team and your business is actually not a secret. It is common sense. If you want to accelerate the performance of your team then you got to work on the roots which influence performance.

P.A.C.E is a system developed to help business owners and corporate managers to focus on the roots which influence performance. If business owners and corporate managers focus on three simple ingredients and nurture them, then performance acceleration is inevitable. The three ingredients which influence performance are:

  1. Clarity
  2. Competence
  3. Culture

Clarity of what’s the shared vision, roles & goals, systems and strategies is the start point of performance. In fact, according to Gilbert’s Behaviour Engineering model, 70% of performance problems arise out of lack of clarity within organizations and businesses.

The second key ingredient which influences performance is competence. A fundamental question to answer for leaders would be, how can you expect an individual to produce better results without becoming a better person? If you want your performance to grow, then focus first on growing your and your team’s competence.

The third key ingredient is culture without which the first two fall flat. You may have the most clear goals, roles, systems and strategies. You may have the most competent people on your team. But if these people do not align, then it’s like owning a Rolls Royce without an engine. Culture creates an environment where competence takes action to create results. The key is to have a culture that breeds performance and happiness.

In a nutshell, the philosophy of the P.A.C.E system is “Performance Acceleration is a result of Clarity, Competence and Culture Enhancement.”

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