How many times have you tried to do something perfectly and been thoroughly frustrated?

How many times have you aspired for perfection only to realise that people around you may not feel the same way?

My guess is, many times.

Perfection is difficult to attain for the simple reason that it does not exist. Perfection is a myth. Every time we try to do something “perfectly” we could fail because there’s always a lingering doubt of whether it was perfect enough not. And that doubt keeps us from taking action.

Won’t it make more sense if we focus on progress instead?

Like I always say, “Version one is better than version none.”

What I mean by this is, it is better to take action and work on it continuously to improve instead of running after getting things right the first time around. For example, if I want to author a book, I would have to start somewhere but if I kept telling myself that whatever I write has to be perfect, I would not even start! The only thing I would do is plan and plan and plan and never actually start writing.

It’s like that proverb goes, “don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!” This fear is what stops a majority of the people from taking action.

Progress, on the other hand, is attainable and a way to constantly grow and improve. Once we have something in place it is easier to work on it and make it better. But we can’t do anything when there’s nothing to work with!

I’ve noticed that most people are so afraid of getting things wrong that they don’t even start and that’s like being nowhere. You can’t go anywhere from nowhere. But if you start, then you are somewhere, you’ve already started and there’s opportunity to move forward.

So don’t wait for the perfect moment to meet the client. Don’t wait for the perfect presentation to share the proposal.

Don’t wait for the perfect employee to appear magically as a recruit. TAKE ACTION!!