“You need to show your customer all the features of your product/service and convince them to buy it.”

Have you heard that before?

Majority of the sales people live this myth where they are convinced that they need to show all the features and then convince the client to buy. This is probably the biggest lie that a sales person can believe.

The truth is, selling is not about showing off everything your product or service can do and hoping that they buy. The right way to approach a customer is to actually care about whether or not they need it. If your product isn’t of value to the customer then you shouldn’t be expecting them to buy from you anyway.

Selling is not about testing your convincing capabilities. It’s about how well you know and understand your customer and their needs. Knowing what’s right for your customer is what will build a relationship. You may not sell to them immediately but they will trust you enough to approach you in the future provided you to continue to strengthen the relationship.

But how can you sell without telling your client the features?

The answer is simple, show them the BENEFITS. Tell them the features of the product/service but don’t just stop there. Explain how it will benefit them and if it’s not useful to them then be courageous enough to tell them the truth. It is this honesty and the genuineness that will allow your client to trust you and return when they need your product/service.

Don’t sell just for the sake of selling. Sell because it makes a difference to the buyer. Understand what the needs and desires of the customer are and then give them value for money.

This isn’t a sales tactic. It is more of customer interaction which allows the customer to trust you and your judgement.

Your motivation to sell should be to provide benefits to the customer and the money you make out of it is the by-product.

So how much do you care about the need of your CUSTOMER?