“You NEED to make the best possible first impression because first impression is the last impression!”

Have you ever heard that before? Do you think it’s true?

To an extent it is. You do need to make a powerful first impression and there’s a term which I’m sure we are all very familiar with – The Elevator Pitch.

This short introduction piece is probably the most important weapon in the armoury of a sales person. When used right, it will intrigue the other person and leave them wanting to know more about you and your business.

But how do you craft the perfect elevator pitch?

It is actually a really simple formula. The human brain is a complex thing and your elevator pitch must appeal to both – the creative and the analytical, commonly referred to the right and left – sides of the brain.

The creative could be an interesting, short story – it could be of how the business came into existence or why you are so passionate about it. It has to be something emotional that your client can connect with. The creative part of your pitch can also include something that your client wouldn’t have heard of before. It could be as simple as an acronym that you associate with the values of your organization or sharing the mission of your organization and what you’re trying to achieve.

On the other hand, the analytical side should include numbers and figures like how many clients you have served or the value that you have given to each of your clients. Make this as specific as you can so there’s clarity for the client

Once you have all the facts and figures in place along with the emotional story, create at least three versions of the elevator pitch so you have some variety and you can mix things up according to who you are speaking to.

A good elevator pitch is everything your client wants to hear while leaving them with the feeling of wanting more.

Now that you know the simplest way to create an impressive elevator pitch, how would you craft yours?