We have been discussing every aspect of a business, from development to marketing to customer satisfaction. But when we talk about marketing, what to do and what not to do can be confusing.

Marketing, today is the easiest task if you know the mediums that are the most suitable for your business. With social media taking over, marketing a business has been made a lot easier than it ever was. There are marketing strategies and mediums that compliment every business.

Marketing mediums are strategies for lead generation. The two types of strategies are Hygiene Marketing and Magnetic Marketing.

Hygiene Marketing is a basic strategy where you’re creating a certainty of a connection with the customer. When done right, hygiene marketing creates massive visibility and builds great credibility for your business. It is a strategy where you put make the effort to connect with your clients and give the some kind of value even before you start talking business.

Content marketing, for example, is a medium where you create content and reach out to the client and give them valuable information that will help them. This is a long term strategy where you need to be consistent and make sure you’re reaching the right audience and social media is the ideal way to do that.

Magnetic Marketing on the other hand includes strategies that bring your client to you. Education marketing, editorial marketing, author marketing, etc. are all strategies that are sure to get your client interested in you and eventually lead to business.

For example, when you start author marketing, you start meeting and interacting with experts in your field. It ensures learning for you and also projects you as an expert and let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be mentioned in a book?

There are many mediums that you can use to grow and market your business and most mediums are applicable to most businesses. Pick the Strategy that gives you most mileage and most visibility among your target audience.