So what makes people start or get into any business rather than opt for the safe cushion of a regular job?

Obviously, to generate MASSIVE REVENUE.  But how can one go about doing it?

For themselves and for their company?

So, remember there are Three ways to approach revenue generation.

The first one is the REACTIVE approach, which is what most business owners follow. In simple words, a reactive approach means that we wait for the leads to come our way and only then start working. It’s like sitting in a store and hoping & waiting for people to walk in. The problem with this approach is that we have no control over how much money we make. More importantly, we start losing control of the business altogether because we try so hard to hold on to that one client/customer that has approached us. We forget about the other aspects of the business and get busy servicing that one customer. It’s like putting all your eggs in one basket! Not the best way to build a business!

The second is the PROACTIVE approach to revenue generation. This involves taking intentional action to generate leads regularly and converting them into sales. It is a more conscious approach to grow a sustainable business with continuous leads flowing in because we take consistent action to bring in new customers every day. This approach shows more commitment towards the business and will make the company more stable.

The final way to look at revenue generation is the CREATIVE approach. This is the best way to create a continuous flow of clients. You start creating ways to attract leads which in turn creates an environment of goal achieving in the organization. It takes a while but when we get it right, the customer gravitates towards us because they want to buy from us. It is indeed the best way to stay ahead of the game and remain in control of the revenue that our company makes.

It is very important, to begin with being proactive and then taking creative measures to grow your business to a level where you don’t have to continuously work hard to bring in new customers.

Are you taking a CREATIVE approach to revenue generation for your business?