Playing for Survival

A business that is all about the customer is doomed!


Well, it’s true. Any business that revolves around servicing the customer is bound to suffer in the long run. The simple reason for this is that we play for survival.

“If I make enough money to cover the expenses for the month, it’s enough!”

Have you ever said that to yourself? Of course you have! It is natural to think that way when things are not going the way you would like them to. That is when we get stuck in the trap of earning enough to survive.

When you are stuck in this trap, would it occur to you to focus on your business functions or would you simply want to sell so you can pay off the bills? Obviously, you would want to sell.

How about creating true wealth instead? And believe me, true wealth does not lie in serving customers. It lies in building teams, systems and strategies that can sustain your business through all the ups and downs.

Otherwise you will end up focusing on the one function that needs your attention the most in that moment and the rest will suffer. You will end up putting out fires that could have been avoided. When there is scarcity of clients, you will work on marketing to generate leads, when the salaries need to be paid you will focus on accounts and finances and when there is an issue with the customer, you will do everything to keep them happy!

But how long can this go on? How long can you run around firefighting and not doing what your business really needs, which is to build a supportive team and create systems and strategies that can help your business function smoothly!

Yes customers are important and making sure they are happy is necessary but is it more important than building a team that can ensure customer satisfaction, so you don’t have to go running every time there’s a minor setback.

Think about it, a loyal customer will bring business of his/her company, but a team that has been trained well, will bring in business from many many companies! And this is the reason you need to focus on building a business centric business instead of a customer centric one.

What other ways can you become business centric?