Relying on Karma Marketing

What is the main purpose of marketing?

To generate leads, create visibility and credibility.

Everyone knows that marketing is an important function of any business and that it is the one way you can attract clients and customers.

Now, how many times have you heard a person say, “I don’t need marketing, I’m getting enough work because of referrals and word of mouth!”

This is called KARMA Marketing! Where you are not in control of the situation and your revenue is directly dependent on other people talking about your work and helping you get business. Or you’re speaking to people one on one and you manage to convince them to buy your product/service.

How about connecting with many people at once and adding a function to your business that will bring in leads continuously? Sounds good, right?

Another thing to ponder upon is that is you are getting business because of word of mouth, how much work you will get if you invest into marketing?

It might seem like a tedious task initially but once you get the ball rolling it works magic. Marketing is the one tool that if used right can boost your business in a big way!

What are some of the types of marketing you can look at?

Social media marketing is one. Everyone today, uses at least one form of social media and it’s a great place to get visibility for your business.

Content Marketing is another marketing strategy that can work wonders because it essentially gives people valuable knowledge and they start looking at you as an industry expert. And who would they want to work with when they need what you are offering?

Email marketing is another method that can help you create a pool of people who remember you and think of you when they need your product/service.

These are just a few strategies that you can use to create a potential customer base and the best part is that it will also build a pipeline which will always have work available for you.

If you leave things to KARMA Marketing, you have no idea of the kind of money you’re leaving on the table. There is so much to be explored in terms of marketing and reaching your target audience that will bring you work constantly.

Tell us how marketing has benefitted your business…