Not Building teams

A team is the most important asset of any business. A strong, loyal team can achieve twice as much in half the time. But what is the one thing all business owners do?

When we realise that the work is too much for us to handle we hire quickly, not paying much attention to who we are hiring and convincing ourselves that we will train them.

It’s great to want to train your team but hire somebody with at least some skill!

This is a trap business owners find themselves in, hiring fast and firing slow, meaning hiring anybody who walks in the door for an interview!

If you have hired someone and that person is not performing to the expected level, then the obvious next action step is to let them go. But we start worrying about how they will pay their bills and what will happen to their family if they don’t have a job!

What about the fact that your business is bleeding?

What about the fact that you are paying salaries and not making any money yourself?

What needs to be done instead is, hire slow, fire fast! Which means take your time to hire a person. Make sure they are competent and committed and capable to do what they are hired for and if they are not giving results after continuous encouragement and training then you need to let them go.

Remember, this doesn’t make you the bad guy because, first and foremost, your responsibility is towards your business.

You started a business for it to grow and for you to make money while doing what you love and for you to achieve that, you need to build a team that has your back.

A team is not a family that will support you and encourage during bad times. A team is an army that will keep going till desired results are achieved!

What else do you think are the benefits of having a great team?