Business is not just about making money. But making a profit is a big part of running a successful business. I’ve come across so many business owners who feel guilty about mentioning the price of their product/service to the client.

Have you ever wondered why?

It’s because we tend to feel guilty about making money. We feel bad about sharing the price because we are questioning our worth. We are wondering what if they know of a competitor who charges less, or a doubting our own ability to deliver what we promise.

You know what? It is okay to have these thoughts. Its how you deal with them and get past them that will make a difference. What we must remember is that the quality of service and standard of work you give is unique. Nobody can match that. There will be competitors but they won’t be the same as you. And this is what the client has to be made aware of you.

A problem that all business owners face is the customer trying to squeeze you for the price. We as consumers do it ourselves. But how do you know where to draw the line? How far to let them push? I’m sure you have also come across clients who think it’s unfair for you to earn a profit and they make it a point to make you feel guilty about it!

Let’s tackle this once and for all! As a business owner, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO EARN A PROFIT! It is every business owner’s aspiration to make money through the business and if someone doesn’t respect that then, that’s a client you don’t want to have.

So if you encounter customers who think it’s wrong for you to make money in change for the product or service that you are offering, then stop wasting your time and move forward. Businesses are successful when they are mutually beneficial, not if one party is trying to cheat the other out of what they deserve.

Do not compromise on this right to make a profit. It must be WIN-WIN-WIN or No Deal.