An entrepreneur is a symbolic identity of Wealth, Freedom and Creativity. Entrepreneurs create empires, they create legacies.

But, unfortunately, most people do not understand this term “Entrepreneur” and fall into a deceptive trap. The Trap of Self Employment. The trap of “No Wealth, No Freedom and No Creativity”.

I have met over a 1000 people in my life who claim to be entrepreneurs but unfortunately their business is overtly dependent on them. So much so that they cannot afford a 15 day vacation as their business will go on a downward spiral in those 15 days.

If they don’t go to work, their business would simply stop.

Global Statistics prove that over 90% of people who started off to become Entrepeneurs end up being Self Employed.

So what stops anyone from truly becoming an Entrepreneur??

It’s the mental make up. It’s the Mindset.

Entrepreneurs think differently from Self Employed People.

Entrepreneurs focus on building a team.

Self employed focus on making money for the month.

Entrepreneurs focus on creating systems.

Self employed focus on just getting work done.

What are you focusing on today???

Because there is a fine line of decision making that is the difference between an entrepreneur and being self employed. That is their everyday decisions on their perspective of Growth.

For an entrepreneur, the key is to grow the business for the next few decades to come, and hence focuses on people and systems.

And the self employed just look at surviving for the short term.

Are you thinking like an Entrepreneur or Self employed?

Are you running your business like an Entrepreneur or Self Employed?

Being Self Employed is a Choice. The choice that you make in your everyday decisions while running your business.