A team is one of the main pillars of any successful business. But ever wondered your team wants from their workplace?

The world is evolving and is not the same it was a few years ago when all people wanted from their job was financial security and stability. Things have changed and so has what people expect out of their jobs. We don’t just work for the sake of making money anymore. We look for more…

There are four basic things that everyone looks for from their jobs.

The first is a continuous sense of being challenged. Everyone likes coming up with solutions and challenging themselves in the process. If they don’t get the sense that they are doing something worthwhile, they will get bored and eventually leave in the hope of finding something better.

The second thing people look for is learning. Out of every challenge, every setback, what lesson are they learning? How can they apply that to do things differently the next time around? Learning has become a crucial part of any job because it leads to growth which is something everyone is looking for.

A team willing to learn and grow with the organization is the biggest boon any business owner can wish for because they will become the strongest force that will drive the business forward.

A sense of freedom is necessary. The freedom to make choices and take decisions. Your team needs that sense of independence, financially and otherwise. It makes them proud of who they are and what they do. It gives them a feeling of contributing.

And lastly, when a person accomplishes something, regardless of how big or small it is, they crave recognition. It may not be a big deal for us personally but to the achiever, it means a lot. And there’s no harm in recognising and applauding achievements. It creates a true sense of belonging in a person making them loyal and trustworthy.

Monetary benefits are important but with the way people are growing, it’s not the main motivation anymore. People want more and an organization that can give them more is always going to have their support.

What else do you think your team needs to keep them motivated and moving forward?