A Planner That Can Help You Live a Holistic Life in 2024

Achieve all your goals in 2024

This planner will help you to:

  • Balance your family, career, recreation, spirituality, contribution and more
  • Plan your personal finance to help you achieve stability
  • Live a life without regret and achieve your goals consistently

Why you should use the AND Life Planner?

“... not planning or over planning is not going to help you at all. find the balance with the AND Life planner...”

  • - Rajiv Talreja

What do people feel about the planner?


"I didn't know how important planning is for every area in life! My life is so on-track now. I am able to manage time so much better!"

  • Ayush Saxena

"It's the perfect companion for people who need to learn how to balance work and life. This has taught me the best way to plan in life. Never letting this habit go!"

  • Santhosh Krishnan

"This planner is not like other planners. It is a tool that has helped me put my life on track! Truly amazing!"

  • Ruchi Goyal

"I have so much clarity over everything in life now. I did not think this much clarity was possible. This is revolutionary!"

  • - Lipika Das

"This isn't just a planner, it's a way of life now!"

  • Saakshi Behl

"What an amazingly detailed planner! Love the thought of balancing every area of life through this!"

  • - Ujjwal Tokas

© Rajiv Talreja