Business Assessment Status Report

The most important tool for any entrepreneur is the awareness of where their business is at. 

If you don’t know the current state of your business, no matter how many resources, time, effort or money you invest in business growth, it will not work out.
Business Assessment is necessary for business growth. An entrepreneur needs to understand where gaps are in their business and what they need to fix in order to accelerate their business goals and growth. 

Take up this Business Assessment that is designed to tell you exactly where your business stands right now

Answer these questions to know where your business stands


Are you able to generate enough leads per month for your business?

  A.     I believe my business should get more

  B.     Yes


Who is primarily involved in Sales in your business?

  A.     Me

  B.     Sales Team


Do you have more customer retention than new customers?

  A.     I get new customers but they don’t stay long

  B.     Yes


Do you consistently focus on creating new products and services?

  A.     Have ideas but no time

  B.     Yes, all my focus goes into expanding the business


Do you consistently focus on creating new products and services?

  A.     I don’t know what you are talking about

  B.     Of course, this is basic hygiene


Do your employees enjoy long, productive tenures at your company?

  A.     No, most employees learn and leave

  B.     They stay and they are happy


Do you involve your entire team in business planning?

  A.     Only I plan for my business

  B.     I along with my team work towards business growth


Are your inflows in business much more than your expenses and outflows?

  A.     No

  B.     Yes, my business is profitable


Do you have a competitor brand doing the exact same things as you and getting much more revenue and eyeballs than your business?

  A.     Yes, and I don’t know how

  B.     I have no competitors


Who does recruitment in your business?

  A.     Either my business partners or I

  B.     There’s an HR or we outsource


Do you feel your business has gaps but you don’t know how to fill those gaps?

  A.     Yes, especially after this assessment

  B.     My business is perfectly fine


Do you feel your business is giving you the desired results?

  A.     No

  B.     Yes, but there’s always more scope for growth

If your answers are mostly   A  , then your business

If most of your answers are   B  , then your business is growing on the right track but there is always scope for growth.

Now that you have self-assessed your business and know where your business stands, you know that there are gaps to be filled and more growth is possible.

Do you want to:


Learn how to increase revenue & cash flows


Learn how to create more profits, more freedom & more scale


Know the secrets to creating time & wealth in business


Know the focus areas you need to grow your business?

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