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The last couple of years has seen a spike in entrepreneurship programs and coaching platforms in India. With the rise of dependability on homegrown business ventures and brands, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people wishing to be entrepreneurs.

While an increase in homegrown businesses surely is good for the country’s economy, there is a downside.

Are you even suited to be a business owner? 

Not all entrepreneurs or business owners are necessarily equipped or even suited to be business owners.

Being an entrepreneur is something that has had the tag of ‘cool’ attached to it. But the entrepreneurial life is not an easy one. It is important to gauge the intent behind wishing to be an entrepreneur. You need to be doing it for the right reasons and not just to be cool in your friend circle or family.

Yes you are suited to be a business owner but what next? 

Having gotten that concern out of the way, the next concern happens to be regarding coaching. Once it is established that you most definitely want to be an entrepreneur and have a passion project that you want to grow into a scalable and profitable business, the next thought is, what if I fail at it?

It is a fairly common, completely natural thought to have. This is where entrepreneurial programs come into focus. Getting a coach or getting help from entrepreneurs who have previously undergone challenges as business owners or who have extensive knowledge on the subject of business are the ones who can impart their knowledge about business.

You need someone who’s an expert, who’s been there done that and someone who can point you towards things you would have never considered while setting up or growing your business.

There are people who like figuring it out themselves but they waste their time and energy doing it. Isn’t it easier to actually absorb the knowledge that an expert already has gone through and is willing to impart the knowhow and strategies? You only have to implement.

So, it is a good idea to invest in a suitable coaching program once and if you are all set to take your venture towards its business goals.

Would any kind of coaching program do the trick? 

It is extremely important to choose coaching programs carefully.

Some people I have met have an addiction to learning. They are the ones who are always signing up for every webinar on business, collect 1000s of articles and keep collecting more and more data in their heads. This is not learning. This is merely consuming. In order to straighten your business, you need to first explore the kind of coaching program that will suit the goals you have set out for yourself. Or else, you’ll waste time, money and most importantly, your will to learn and implement. There’s no point in saturating the brain with useless information that just adds to the burden.

The beauty of signing up for a coaching program that is suited to you is that, the more you learn from experts, the more you realise that there are so many things that you don’t know, that your business can explore and find value in!

So, find the right program, the right mentor and explore the wonders coaching and training that can bring to your business!

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