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Business Coaching is an industry that is very up and coming these days. With a surge in new businesses coming up everywhere, there’s been a need to learn the art of making it work in the world of entrepreneurship. This has given rise to people aspiring to become trainers and coaches. 

But, a common complaint I’ve noticed is that people getting agitated over not being able to build brands out of themselves! 

Even though the training industry is growing, many trainers do not have equal opportunities and many feel that spending on Facebook ads is a risky venture without knowing how many people would sign up or show up at seminars or webinars! 

Although this is a valid fear, the very first thing I’d like to address is that if you’re not prepared to handle this risk, you should not be in the coaching and training business at all!

Let’s be real. No business is easy. You have got to walk the difficult path to make your mark, no matter what you do in life. For trainers and coaches, the hard thing to do is investing the money in Marketing themselves! Which is a requirement. An important one at that! Because there is no prediction on how many people would show up to anybody’s seminar. So, don’t run away from that risk. Take it on and analyze how you need to shape your business based on people’s responses. 

Many people sign up for international training programs that teach them how to coach or train. 

But very few of them actually translate into being successful business coaches and trainers.

The reason behind this is a simple one.

The answer is- It’s a process! 

I’ve heard a lot of people complain- 

And I am appalled! 

“How long ago did you attend the program?” 

“It’s been over 2 months now, Rajiv!” 

And I am even more appalled! 

You expect to build a successful business from a coaching and training program you attended for a weekend, in merely 2 months? 

A mindset that commonly people who attend such seminars and programs have is that the moment I attend an internationally acclaimed training program, I’ll immediately start making money! 

I thoroughly disagree. 

You need to attend seminars and hire a professional business coach or a trainer for yourself in order to gain the necessary knowledge that you require to build your business of training or coaching. Gaining the knowledge does not mean you’ll become an overnight success because you first need to absorb the knowledge, then decide to implement it, and only upon implementing it, will you begin to see results. 

The expectation of hiring a coach or enrolling in a business coaching program should be to attain knowledge. The reality should be that you are in it for the long run. Short-term successes get wiped out just as easily as they become successful. Don’t go chasing that. Be patient and learn the craft first to be able to be credible and then successful. This is true for any industry, not just the training and coaching industry. 

Credibility is built when enough people vouch for your product/service. For enough people to vouch for you, you have to build that credibility, it won’t just magically happen! 

How to build credibility? 

By creating success stories. 

Again, if you think that only 5 people came to attend your seminar, think this- Can you turn all 5 into success stories? Can you handhold them in their business journeys and satisfy them as your customers so that they can turn to 5 more people in their circles and recommend you? That’s how you build a chain of success stories that make you ‘known’. You’ve to cover the small steps in order to be ready for the big leaps! 

You may think you’re a great trainer, but unless your customers think so, you’re not!

You’re as good as the results you produce for your customers. 

Create the impact and then Market aggressively! It’s a process that you will need to proactively engage in. 

Once you realize that you’re in it for good, regularly invest in your education, then it’ll be time to learn the strategies in order to build a successful coaching and training business. But first, basics! 


Rajiv Talreja, one of Asia’s most well-known business coaches went through his own process of 10 years in Corporate Training before he made it as a successful business coach. His programs and seminars teach all about the processes, the strategies, and the tools one needs to make their business work.