High Ticket Closer/ Appointment Setter

Full-Time Position

Do you (or somebody you know) want to join our team as a High Ticket Closer/ Appointment Setter?

You will be working with the largest business coaching organization in India that supports MSME businesses. This role will give you exposure to business owners across 180+ industries and you will be speaking to some of the smartest entrepreneurs across the country on phone or on Zoom to generate appointments between them and the Growth Consultant (High Ticket Closer).

You will eventually move towards the role of the Growth Consultant (High Ticket Closer) where you’ll be identifying their problems and providing a strategic roadmap that will help them scale their business – and if they’re a good fit, enrolling them into our MBA (Mastermind for Business Acceleration) program that is designed to scale any MSME business by 2X or more.

What will be your core responsibility deliverable?

  • Generating conversations with new potential clients (Lead Gen)
  • Qualifying the potential clients on money, authority, need and intent
  • Setting up appointments for senior growth consultant (High Ticket Closer) to close deals
  • Recouping and re-setting leads who didn’t initially close (Follow Up)

What are the competencies we are looking for in you?

You’re going to be talking with people all day. Being a natural rapport builder is going to hedge your bets of success (this DOESN’T mean you have to be an extrovert).

Be someone who follows through with what you say. Be honest with prospects. And only enroll clients who’re a great fit.

You must always lead prospects to the best decision for them EVEN IF that decision is outside of their comfort zone. Take a stand for what’s BEST for people.

This is not an easy job, but it pays well. To earn the income that’s possible for you here… you must be willing to put in hours honing in your craft and doing everything you can to 1) generate opportunities 2) close them. You must be hungry.

Wherever you are in relation to your projections, you must know why. If you’re ahead, you must know what you’re doing well and what needs to be reinforced. If you’re behind, you must have the awareness to know WHY you’re behind. Proactive behavior will create awareness. And your awareness will allow you to adjust your behavior to get the results.

You will be tasked with staying up to date with your numbers and CRM activities. This is secondary to HITTING your numbers, but still important. 

You will be tasked with helping prospects live up to their highest standards. Therefore, YOU must live up to our own high standards.

You’ll be having crucial conversations on a daily basis which – a lot of times – can be life changing conversations for the prospect. You must be calm under pressure and hold firm to help the prospect make the best decision for them.

What can you expect from us?

  • Guaranteed base pay based on your skill level and expertise
  • Additional commissions that reflects your performance in the said role
  • Amazing office infrastructure with a great culture of WIN-WIN-WIN (Win for the customer + Win for the team + Win for the business)
  • Attend MBA business training programs LIVE, which are unaffordable for most people