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Rajiv Talreja

Rajiv Talreja


Does your business make these 4 “money-draining” Marketing mistakes too?

Dear Business Owner

After working with 1000s of businesses directly, and training tens of thousands of entrepreneurs globally, we’ve seen that most businesses make these 4 Marketing mistakes.

Mistake #1

Lack of Clarity

Clarity about who is our target customer? How do they behave, what do they want, what triggers them, what are their deepest desires & Lack of clarity- pain points, etc.  And of course, where to find them? Without this basic clarity, we’re just shooting arrows in the dark.

Mistake #2

Lack of Planning

How much should you charge for your product/service? What’s it REALLY worth? How much does it COST to acquire a customer? What’s the Lack of planning- break even cost, etc.? No point spending even a single rupee on Marketing, if we don’t spend quality time on the planning phase.

Mistake #3

Lack of Strategy & Testing

With the emergence of so many digital platforms and types of Marketing, what’s the BEST one for your business? Nothing’s set in stone, in this dynamic digital world. We have to test out our Marketing strategies, and optimize them along the way, until we reach a stable number of leads & customers. We have to establish a proof of concept before we scale.

Mistake #4

Lack of a Scaling strategy

We realized that either the business doesn’t know how to scale their Marketing, or- the business isn’t ready for scale when the time comes. That’s why most businesses hit a certain level and never go beyond that point.

and FINALLY, Let’s fix your marketing

It’s time to fix it. With our expert guidance & mentoring, we’ve transformed the marketing of 1000s of businesses. We want you to be the next.

For business owners who’ve understood the power of learning from other people’s experiences, rather than trying everything by yourself at the cost of time & money, we’re open to speaking with you about how we can help you with marketing.


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