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Rajiv Talreja

Rajiv Talreja


These 4 SALES MISTAKES by business owners could cost a fortune in 2022.

Dear Business Owner

After working with 1000s of businesses directly, and training tens of thousands of entrepreneurs globally, we’ve seen that most businesses make these 4 sales mistakes

Mistake #1

not cracking the “perfect sales pitch”

Sales is about hustle, for sure. But over time, as an entrepreneur does lots & lots of sales calls and meetings, they should observe a ‘pattern’, and create a perfect sales pitch that’s ready to be duplicated by the team. Think of it like a ‘proof of concept’. This is the responsibility of the business owner.

Mistake #2

Inability to hire or retain the best sales people

Sales is a duplicable process. A business owner must be able to hire the best quality sales people. And we know it’s one of the biggest challenges out there.

Mistake #3

Lack of sales scripts & systems

Because sales is a duplicable process, a business owner must create tools & systems to replicate their way of selling. Exactly what needs to be said, how & when- down to the minute details, nailed to perfection- that’s the secret!

Mistake #4

Lack of an impactful training system

Sales training is the ability to inject the sales script into the team, at the same time keeping them motivated & driven- along with tracking their performance and helping them improve week after week. Again- that’s the responsibility of the business owner.

Deep down, every business owner knows that…

All these 4 things have to be worked upon. Even if ONE of them is compromised, everything sabotages and it stops a business from growing.

Sales is one of our core specialties! After training 1000s of businesses on how to improve their sales and helping them get solid results, we want to help you too!


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