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Rajiv Talreja

Rajiv Talreja


REVEALED: 8 Pillars of building a winning team - that can make or break your business

Dear Business Owner

Whenever someone asks Rajiv about growing a business with the help of a team, he always talks about these 8 things. He calls them 8Cs of team building.

All of these 8 have to be perfectly aligned & run together. It can make or break the growth of the organization. Let’s look at them one by one. These 8 pillars don’t need explanation. They are pretty much self explanatory.

Pillar #1- Clarity Of Roles

Of each team member

Pillar #2- Connection between team members

so that the top performers don’t turn into Silos. We don’t want that in an organization! 

Pillar #3- Co-Creation of goals

Gone is that era when the business owner would create the goals and dump them on the team. Today, its about getting the team excited about the goals and helping them achieve it. It is what brings ownership and responsibility.

Pillar #4- Competence developmen

Performance grows only when skills and knowledge grows. Its the responsibility of the business owner to work on the competence of team members

Pillar #5- Consistent Reviews

Monitoring and tracking the performance of team members to see if they are on track or not. As important as a pilot checking the direction of the plane frequently, to ensure that its not distracted from the destination.

Pillar #6- CULTURE

Its probably the most important, as Rajiv mentions often. Business owners need to strike the right balance of RESULTs & RESPECT in the culture of the organization. This holds the team together.

Pillar #7- Celebration

Celebrating with rewards, recognition and respect shows care. Its not a new concept, but most businesses fail to implement this properly.

Pillar #8- Career growth clarity

This is the secret to make your team push boundaries, get out of the comfort zone and produce results. When the team members are able to see a career growth trajectory that your company has for them, they focus on achieving goals, so they earn the right to that career growth plan.

Every Business Owner’s #1 guilt is…

Having sincere intentions of making every piece of the business work optimally, but somehow failing to do so.

If you can resonate with this guilt, you’re not alone.

And its OKAY to ask for help.

For business owners who want to master team building, and FINALLY build a winning team that takes their business to a whole new level, we’re available to help.

This is where our experience of training 1000s of business owners, and helping them build successful teams comes into play. Speak with us over a call to learn how we can help you.


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