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Here’s How To Build, Manage and Scale Your Business Profitably

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By being a part of an exclusive coaching community for small and medium business owners who want to strengthen all the primary functions such as Marketing, Sales, Operations and Management by developing and establishing strategies, systems and skilled teams in each department. We achieve this outcome by working together through our coaching and hand holding engagement.

It’s the same coaching intervention that helped 361 clients generate 5126+ Crores of additional revenue in the financial year 2020-2021

Mastermind for Business Acceleration

A proven hand holding engagement for micro, small and medium enterprise business owners that includes…

Personalized Coaching

LIVE Training Events

Video Courses

Samples, Tools and Templates

Community Support

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The main purpose of coaching is to customize the consulting journey to suit your business needs and business goals. Coaching often includes customization of core elements such as a strategic growth roadmap, strategy mix, systems implementation, skilled team enhancement, alignment across different levels of the organization and setting up processes.

LIVE Training Events

LIVE Training programs are done by Rajiv and Karan in a virtually immersive environment. This is for continuous knowledge and skill enhancement where you will learn the fundamentals and the science behind building a profitable and a scalable business.

Video Courses

These are training videos that equip you with the knowledge you need to implement strategies, tools and templates in their businesses. This also is used for training your team members on essential skills and knowledge for their development in the organization.

Samples, Tools and Templates

The objective of templates and tools is to demonstrate exactly how you can implement the strategies and systems in your business. The templates can be applied directly to specific areas of business without having to create them from scratch. All templates are customizable based on the specific business needs.

Community Support

This is where the coaching community interacts on a frequent basis. It is a support group where the entire coaching team is present to offer perspectives on various business issues or implementation issues that clients may have on a regular basis. This is predominantly used for continuous ongoing support by our entrepreneurs community.

Here’s How To Build, Manage and Scale Your Business Profitably

• Business Model

To identify and integrate a business model that’s profitable and scalable for your business so you can generate more revenue and profits

• Marketing

To develop hygienic and magnetic strategies so you can generate consistent and predictable leads for your business


To setup an optimal sales process that can improve your conversion rate and optimize your sales cycle


To integrate process, systems and structure in every department so you could streamline your business activities


To develop second line of leaders who are committed and competent to take up next level responsibilities so you can get out of day to day firefighting

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