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Build CONTACTS and turn it into CONTRACTS in just 30 days with this networking guide designed for MSME businesses.

A comprehensive networking guide from Rajiv Talreja, India’s MSME Business Coach 
to help you transform casual interactions into valuable business opportunities.


Rajiv is a catalyst in the lives of business owners.

Rajiv is a catalyst in the lives of
business owners.

Jagruti Sharma, Vadodara


I wish I had met Rajiv 10 years back.

I wish I had met Rajiv 10 years

Navnath, Pune


Learnings from Rajiv will 100x my business.

Learnings from Rajiv will 100x my

⁠Bhupinder, Bangalore

Opportunity to build a powerful network ends in


Why buy this networking superguide?

Identify Key Contacts

You are at a Networking event. How do you identify key contacts and approach them amidst a crowd of people?

Understand the art of identifying relevant connections during networking.

Memorable Presence

Always create the best first impression.

Understand your strengths and craft a compelling presence for yourself at networking events that make you stand out of the crowd!

Connect Confidently

Never be nervous about walking up to a prospective connection again. 

Learn how to build confidence and the art of approaching people with confidence!

Effective Follow-Up

Will following up irritate your prospective connection? Not if you do it right. 

Learn the art of following up while respecting the other person’s space!

Converse like a PRO

No more talking about the weather or generic topics! Learn the art of conversing with someone like a pro!

The more insightfully you speak, the more interested your prospect becomes to be your connection.

Leverage your network

Merely collecting business cards is not enough.

Learn how to put them to use and build meaningful relationships through your network of connections!

FREE Bonuses you’ll get


50 Networking Tools
for MSMEs

50 Networking Tools for

50 Power Words for

50 Power Words for


24 Follow Up EMail
Templates & Samples

24 Follow Up EMail Templates & Samples

Networking Goal
Setting Worksheet

Networking Goal Setting


6 Networking Scripts
to Masterpack

6 Networking Scripts to

Ultimate Networking
Success Checklist

Ultimate Networking Success

10 Secrets of Effective
Public Speaking

10 Secrets of Effective Public

10 Strategies for
Skillful Negotiations

10 Strategies for Skillful

Listen to what other business owners are saying


Rajiv you are a great Mentor, hats off to you, the experience attending your program was truly transformational and life-changing. Thank you sooo much.

Ryson Fernandes



I feel very fortunate to have attended such a great learning session by Rajiv & his team. It gave me a real sense of clarity in life as well as in business.

Joydeep Chowdhury



I am thankful to Mr.Rajiv as he has given so many insights about business. He is a Catalyst in the lives of MSMEs.

Jagruti Sharma



I was searching for management answers from the past 10 years and after attending Rajiv's program I got all the clarity I needed.

Navnath S Jadhav



For the last 9 years I've been struggling and Rajiv's business program has put everything into perspective and finally, I've got the clarity that I needed. Thank you, Rajiv for starting this journey towards change.

Suhas Jotwani

New Delhi


With 16 years of lessons, learning and experiences Rajiv has created a no-nonsense, practical process which is definitely the need of the hour especially when India is becoming an entrepreneurial hub. Thank you Rajiv!

Somdutta Sarkar


Introducing Business Networking Simplified

Identify Key Contacts

The true essence of networking goes beyond simply making professional contacts or accumulating business cards.

It’s about building genuine relationships, sharing knowledge, and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

Communication Skills

Effective communication skills are critical in every aspect of life, whether in personal relationships, professional environments, or daily interactions. Learn active listening, how to interpret non-verbal clues, how to handle miscommunications and more so you can always fall back on your communication skills while networking!

Building Confidence

A skill that is quite underrated by business owners. Explore strategies to build confidence, understand the impact of low confidence and how to expertly build your confidence not just in networking but in general as well!

Online Networking Mastery

Networking is no longer just about physical events. What do you do when you encounter someone online for networking? Learn all the online networking etiquettes that help you stay updated and relevant even in the virtual world!

Offline Networking Mastery

Get over the old rules of networking and get with the times. Learn how to be culture-sensitive, how to revive old contacts and all the quirks that new-age networking needs!

Identifying Relevant Opportunities

Never let go of relevant networking opportunities or an opportunity to connect with a relevant connection. Learn how to identify, approach and then turn an opportunity into a business relationship!

Grow Your Network

Networking is all about adding contacts and growing your network. How to leverage your network, subtract irrelevancies and grow ahead in your business with your network and your networking skills? All that and more is in there!

Networking is about building bridges,
not just exchanging words.

Networking is about building bridges, not just exchanging words.

You BEFORE The Business Networking Simplified superguide

You AFTER The Business Networking Simplified superguide

Meet Rajiv Talreja

Hi, I am Rajiv Talreja – India’s MSME business coach. In my 17 years of business journey, I have successfully built 5 businesses – yes, a business coach who has actually built businesses.

I have been able to impact over 800,000 people across the globe through my work and more than 2,50,000 entrepreneurs have benefitted from my exclusive 3-day training and 1 to 1 coaching programs.

We all know that it’s extremely hard to build a business but if you have a network of knowledgeable people, it can make a lot of things easier for you and help you open doors you never thought existed.

Through this digital product, my aim is to help you build your confidence & communication skills which in turn will help network effectively and build meaningful connections in every networking event.

So are you ready to master the art of networking and start turning your contacts into contracts?

Some publications that found my words valuable

My credibility resides in what these business owners say


Being into the business for the last 20+ years, going through Rajiv's program was an eye opener. Hardcore ground reality. Lots of learnings & changes required in the existing system to grow my business to the next level.

Taranjit Bhuee



Being in business for the last 18 years, but the kind of clarity on how to run the business, business model, and achieve goals has become very clear. All thanks to Rajiv for this clarity.

Sanjay Srivastav



Rajiv's program is by far one of the most effective and beneficial learning programs that I have attended. I have got clarity about where and how I want to take my business forward. It's an educational plus inspiring program.

Manish Grampurohit



Rajiv's program made me learn things that would have taken 10-15 years to learn by myself.

Pratik Lalit Thorat



After failing so many times in so many business decisions, now it seems easier to go from survival to scale. All thanks to Rajiv and his team.

Ruthuparna Sharma



Rajiv's training completely changed the way I've been doing my business for the last 20 years and gave me clarity for a lifetime.

Shanmuganathan C



Rajiv's program is the most practical, fulfilling, useful, and eye opening program I have ever attended in my life. His program can beat an MBA of 3 years!

Bhuteshpal Suhag



The clarity of thought and the scientific approach of breaking down every aspect of business has been absolutely eye opening in Rajiv's program.

Swayam Khialani


Here’s what you get

If you grab “Business Networking Simplified” 


Strategies to enhance communication skills, identify networking opportunities, effective networking methods & templates and MUCH MORE!!

Network Like a PRO E-book


🎁 Free! 50 Networking Tools for MSMEs


🎁 Free! 50 Power Words for Networking


🎁 Free! 24 Follow Up E-Mail Templates & Samples


🎁 Free! 6 Networking Scripts to Masterpack


🎁 Free! Ultimate Networking Success Checklist


🎁 Free! 10 Secrets of Effective Public Speaking


🎁 Free! Networking Goal Setting Worksheet


🎁 Free! 10 Strategies for Skillful Negotiations


Normally: Rs 3999

Today’s PRICE: Rs 249/-

Today’s PRICE: Rs 249/-

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If you don’t receive it because of a technical issue, please write an email to [email protected] and I will send it over to you as soon as possible.

Yes, all of the strategies & frameworks are completely practical and will work for any business networking event.

All my courses and programs have benefited over 2,00,000 business owners from 192+ industries so you can take my word on it.

If I can’t provide value to you then your money is of no value to me.

I will issue a 100% refund - no questions asked if you ask for a refund within 5 days of purchasing the guide.

If you have any doubts or queries, you can email me at [email protected] and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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