Wow Workplaces

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The Ultimate Training Kit For Your Team.
Learn these 12 Modules:
Communication Mastery Series:

  1. Mastering the Art of Communicating Effectively
  2. Learn how effective communication is about experiencing freedom within yourself and building a connection with the person you are communicating with

  3. Building Rapport for Effective Communication
  4. Explore how you can build rapport effortlessly using proven techniques and influence people powerfully

  5. Styles of Communication
  6. Understand what is your natural communication style, its strengths, and limitations, and then uncover the Assertive Style of communication for building win-win relationships

  7. Workplace Communication
  8. Master the art of writing effective emails and communicating using the telephone in today’s business world

    Personal Mastery Series:

    1. Time and Focus Management
    2. Discover the biggest lies spoken about Time Management and learn the key secrets of Managing your Focus with proven tools

    3. Influencing Skills
    4. Influencing people is a science! Learn the tools and steps of influencing people effectively

    5. Work-Life Balance & Mastering yourself
    6. You cannot be a great professional and a pathetic person. You are one being. Master the art of balancing your life with clarity and ease

    7. Action Orientation
    8. Learn the most powerful mind frameworks to take your AQ (Action Quotient) to a whole new level for powerful results in all areas of your life

    Building High-Performance Teams

    1. 4 Types of Teams
    2. Understand and assess your team and then adapt the best practices of building a High-Performance Team

    3. Art of Receiving Feedback
    4. Feedback is the breakfast of Champions. Learn the steps of how you can receive feedback and use it for your growth and learning

    5. Handling Resistance and Conflict
    6. Blame, Gossip, Ego is like cancer for any team. Learn how to handle and overcome the unspoken resistance that kills productivity and joy at the workplace

    7. Building a WOW Workplace
    8. Learn practical tips, tools, and templates to build a workplace that makes people go “WOW”!


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