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Transform Your Team-building Game in Business

This Team Building SUPERGUIDE will help you tackle villains like-

High attrition

Low Productivity

Toxic Culture

Mediocre Results

Wondering HOW this SUPERGUIDE will benefit you?

You will never have to WORRY about team members learning and leaving ever again.

You will never have to second-guess your hiring strategies

You will be able to RESPECTFULLY let go of a team member without the fear of getting a negative Glassdoor review!

You will be able to build a strong core team like the Avengers that can actually INCREASE your business results.

You will have the time freedom that is now being used up micromanaging your team.

That’s the IDEAL life that the TOP 1% of successful business owners LEAD!

"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."
– Andrew Carnegie

This step-by-step guide is the only superpower you need to build and develop high-performance teams that get you extraordinary business results

Don’t believe me!

Here are some of the people who have implemented this in their teams and found massive value

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What kind of BONUSes

are we talking about?


Successful business owner kit


Top 13 CRMs for team management ( with reviews)


10 questions to ask while interviewing


New Joinee Induction Template


Team-building Activities - Listicle poster


Know Your Team Members- Assessment


Implementing a POSH committee in your company (what, why and how)


Weekly Feedback Template


Welcome Kit Ideas for New Joinees


Reasons why your team is not performing as per expectations

But who am I to teach you all this?

I am Rajiv Talreja,
a serial entrepreneur, business coach, author of the Amazon bestseller Lead or Bleed and the owner of the celebrity sports team Karnataka Warriors.
I have been a business owner for the last 16 years and have faced failures, been in debt and eventually built 5 successfully running businesses. Quantum Leap Learning Solutions is the business coaching company I have built which helps MSME business owners build successful businesses. I now have a team of 35+ business coaches and in total a team of 80+ members who follow everything that you will read in this guide.

Over the years as I have been involved in starting alone till now, building a 100+ member business coaching and training company, there is a LOT that I have seen in terms of team building. I have gone through hiring mistakes, being cheated by team members, have fired a few wrong ones, have understood the power of delegation and the biggest lesson- the need to build 2nd line of leaders. Today, I spen 80% less time in the daily operations of my business because my highly efficient CORE team and the teams they have built in every function of the business handle all the daily operations.I believe this is what all MSME business owners DESERVE!

And so, I have collated all my lessons and strategies into this guide which will hopefully transform your team building game and give you the freedom you deserve in your business growth along with skyrocketing business results.

You are getting…

  • Existing Team Assessment with scorecard
  • Team development and retention strategies
  • Dysfunctional Team Members assessment
  • Hiring strategies
  • Knowledge Transfer template
  • 2nd line leaders assessment
  • Team bonding questionnaire & template
  • Communication strategies for teams
  • Conflict resolution template


Total Price- ( ₹2,000/-)

SPECIAL price- ₹249/- ONLY!

Before you had this guide, YOUR TEAM-

  • Low morale
  • Skillset mismatch
  • Lack in communication skills
  • No team bonding
  • Bitching and gossipping
  • No optimal utilization of work hours
  • Conflicts and resignations
  • No ownership or sense of responsibility

After you use this guide, YOUR TEAM-

  • Always excited to be at work
  • Skills match their roles
  • Communicate effectively with other team members
  • Team bonding comes naturally to them and not just during activities
  • No one talks behind anyone’s back
  • Extremely productive
  • Conflicts are resolved amicably
  • High-performing attitude and ownership

So, if you want access to a comprehensive and effective guide that can completely TRANSFORM your team-building game, go ahead and click on the button below.

Build Stronger Teams in Business

A Step-by-step guide to effective Team Building