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Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, the fear of the unknown is something that always haunts you. The journey of entrepreneurship is a long one with uneven twists and turns and sudden, sometimes unexpected, and rude uncertainties. 

So, what do you do, how do you behave when you encounter a dangerous bend along the way? 

If you’ve started your own venture, then you’ve started on a journey of becoming visible from being invisible. While you pull out all stops and dive head first into your business, trying out strategies and Marketing like a pro, it is totally natural to be a little skeptical and uncertain about whether your efforts will ever amount to anything. 

A sense of doubt seeps into all of us. 

It is very natural for business owners to be uncertain of the steps they take when they are looking for strategies on how to grow their businessBuilding a foolproof, profitable, and scalable business needs the time and efforts that each business deserves in order to mature and derive the desired results. No matter how amazing you think your marketing plan is, you’ll never be 100% sure of it in the initial phases and even when you’ve been in the industry for some time. You cannot remain stagnant and only focus on one strategy to help you reach your full business potential. The dream is to be the go-to venture for the customers of your industry. 

In order to achieve that, you need to completely transition from being invisible to becoming very visible in your industry. And for that, you have to start EMERGING! 

You must become more visible to the people you are targeting. 

If you want to achieve results that you’ve never achieved, you’ve got to invest the time, money, and resources that you’ve never had in life. 

You’ve got to sow the seeds first in order to reap the fruits of your labor. 

So, right now, all the emotions, the uncertainty, the anxiety you’re feeling are all of the growth. The teething issues that you face before things propel forward in life. 

Because think about it, you’re now going out of your comfort zone. You’re starting to do things you’ve never done before. You’re investing in areas you’ve never ventured into before. It is a difficult thing to process and it will need time and utmost conviction. 

Your brain has never experienced this much amount of activity or investment in resources. 

So it automatically goes into panic mode. 

The key is to not give in to that fear and stop the growth or the activity.

The right way to handle this is to consistently take your fears on.

In the process of growth, there WILL be a pain. Just like working out in a gym. If it’s a paining it means it’s working. 

So, be aware of being in this zone of growth, be aware of the fears that automatically emerge out of this mindset, and comfort yourself upon having strayed out of the comfort zone for your own good. 

Most importantly, understand, that you’re actually putting in positive efforts towards your business and life goals. Be convinced that if positive actions do not reap positive results, then what will? Make sure you’re taking action towards these goals and aspirations consistently and enjoy the phase of growth! 


Rajiv Talreja, one of Asia’s leading professional business coaches has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs learn marketing and other business expansion strategies through his various seminars, webinars, and workshops. Check out some of his programs to experience the magic that coaching can bring into your business life.