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25,000+ MSME Business Owners say that The P.A.C.E. Program is better than any MBA

Are you doing everything in your business and still struggling to grow it?

The solution is to stop doing everything in the business. 

Learn how to build high-performance teams & systems and build a business through proven strategies, not guesswork.


Rated 4.9/5

Rajiv transformed my business completely.

Shrey Jain,
Alphavedic Corporation
P.A.C.E. is a must for every single business owner.

Sarthak Gupta,
Because of the P.A.C.E. program, my sales grew by 80%!

Surinder Khanuja, Hilux Autoelectric Pvt. Ltd.

P.A.C.E. Program has helped 25,000+ businesses across the globe

Scientific Business P.A.C.E. System with no motivational bullshit, valuing strategies over guess-work.

Change the way you run your business

Learn how to set holistic goals for the business, build high-performing teams and scalable systems that’ll grow your business without you.

Learn from India’s Leading MSME Business Coach

Learn from Rajiv Talreja who has built 4 successful businesses and has been coaching Corporates and MSMEs for the last 17 years.

3 Day Online LIVE Program

It’s a LIVE program and not a recorded one. It’ll take place on the Zoom platform from 9:30 am - 7 pm for 3 days.

Personal Attention from Expert Coaches

You can get all the questions regarding your business answered by expert coaches in break-out rooms that happen 3 times in a day.

Transform your Business growth in just 3 days

Accelerate Your Business Growth

3 core principles and a 9-step process that will make all 7 functions of your business operate without you.

Learn to Set Goals Scientifically

Understand how to set goals for the business, for every department, for all teams and for each individual in the organization.

Build High-Performing Teams

Scientific steps to hire, fire, develop & appraise team members to build result-driven focused teams.

Build Profitable Business Models

Learn 7 strategies to overcome thin profit margins, slow payments, sales inconsistencies and stagnant revenues.


Mastering Recruitment

Job Titles for the 7 departments of Business

Team Time Management Handbook

10 Leadership Philosophies For Your Teams

Company Culture Assessment

Implementing POSH

Team Conflict Resolution Guide

Team Performance Assessment and Analysis

Building 2nd Line Leaders Guide

Interview Questions Cheat Sheet (STAR)

Team Retention Guide

Business Goals

You don’t run the business if you are stuck 24x7, The business runs you.

From Gut Feelings to Strategic Systems:
P.A.C.E. will completely change the way you build your business.

This is you BEFORE the Business P.A.C.E. Program:

  • Struggling to find time for your family and friends
  • Your business would not operate if you take a leave
  • Stuck in thinking about how to pay monthly expenses on time
  • Busy with daily tasks and not being able to do strategic development
  • Not satisfied with the money you take back home
  • You are in deep debt and don’t know how to get out of it
  • Your business is stagnant and has not been growing for years

This is you AFTER the Business P.A.C.E. Program:

  • Have ample amount of time to enjoy with your family and friends
  • Can take a leave without worrying about the business performance
  • You are building on a long-term vision for your business
  • Have a high-performing team executing tasks while you work on strategic growth
  • Highly satisfied and happy with the money you take back home
  • You are completely debt free and are building your personal wealth
  • Your business is growing rapidly every year with an increase in profitability

What participants say about The Business P.A.C.E. Program

Ajit Rao


I have been a business owner since 1997, but the PACE program made me rethink my entire Business Model and reposition my life. Absolutely grateful to Rajiv.

Vijoy Shankar


PACE program provided the scientific and systematic tools which if implemented properly will for sure pave the path of success for my business.

K Ananth


It was a very informative program and most importantly I understood the focus areas I need to work on in my business. 

Truly worth every penny.

Amit Bawari


PACE was an eye opener & now we will work towards building the 2nd line of leaders. All thanks to Rajiv!

“Business Coach who is actually building businesses”

Hey, I'm Rajiv Talreja

After 10 years of struggling in my business, I interviewed 300 Indian business leaders and cracked the cheat code to build a profitable business that scales without you.

Through using this secret system, I have been able to grow 5 successful ventures which are Quantum Leap Learning Solutions, Dreamcraft, Dream catcher investments and Zoozle. This system has helped 25,000+ businesses across the globe. So yes, it’s a tried and tested method.

And I wish to share The Business P.A.C.E. System and its implementation with you to help you build multiple businesses successfully.
Don’t spend a lifetime struggling to figure it out. I’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to!

Ready to build a scalable business successfully?

Featured in

Secret Business Hack:
Build Teams, Systems & Strategies

But how would I know if The Business P.A.C.E. Program is for me?

The Business P.A.C.E. Program is NOT FOR YOU if:

  • You are looking for a pointless motivational program
  • You are working in a job and aspire to start a business someday
  • You are not an expert in your product or service
  • You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and not ready to work hard
  • You don’t want to build a business that scales without you
  • You blame everything but your skills when you fail

The Business P.A.C.E. Program is FOR YOU if:

  • You are stuck in your business and are looking on how to scale it
  • You want to build teams but don’t know where and how to start
  • You are looking for a mentor to guide and handhold you
  • You have suppliers & customers who delay and default on payments 
  • You are busy doing daily tasks and not focusing on strategic business growth
  • You want to learn the skill of how to grow your business scientifically

Program Dates:

28, 29 and 30 June, 2024

|    9:30 am - 7:00 pm

Completely Online - LIVE Program

Here’s what you get if you register for

The Business P.A.C.E. Program


A LIVE Program with Rajiv Talreja where you will learn how to build high-performing teams, systems and strategies that scale your business without you.

3 Day LIVE Training Access


🎁 Free! Mastering Recruitment- Strategies, Tools, & Platforms


🎁 Free! Job Titles for the 7 Departments of Business


🎁 Free! Team Time Management Handbook


🎁 Free! 10 Leadership Philosophies for Your Teams


🎁 Free! Company Culture Assessment


🎁 Free! POSH Implementation Ebook


🎁 Free! Mastering Harmony - a Comprehensive Guide to Team Conflict Resolution


🎁 Free! Team Performance Assessment and Analysis


🎁 Free! Business Goals


🎁 Free! Building 2nd Line Leaders Guide


🎁 Free! 10 Questions to Ask While Interviewing


🎁 Free! Team Retention Guide


Normally: Rs 23,684/-

Offer Price: Rs 5,999/-

Join the community of 25,000+ MSME Business Owners

Sachin Tiwari


PACE is the most exciting and interesting program I have ever attended in my life. Absolutely Practical and implementable.

Ankit Dua


There were many instances during PACE where I felt that Rajiv was talking to me directly. Shows that business is science indeed.

Dr Samir Vora


I was frustrated with my business and hence attended the PACE program. It was nirvana and a true eye opener. Now I have found my steps to success, all thanks to Rajiv!



I badly needed the knowledge and guidance provided in the PACE program at this critical time when everything is jumbled up in my business.

Shyam SR


P.A.C.E. program is one of the best investments I made in my business. Thank you Rajiv for letting me know the science of building a successful business. It’s priceless!

Devendra Pandey


PACE is one of the best training programs I have attended and I would recommend it to every single business owner. Big thanks to Rajiv and the team of coaches.

K Ananth


It was a very informative program and most importantly I understood the focus areas I need to work on in my business. 

Truly worth every penny.

Srinath Rangarajan


I was struggling to do things in a systematic way in my business. The PACE program provided me with that guidance.

Visweswar Reddy


PACE program would save you years of time and money. It is a power packed, action oriented business program. All the best for Rajiv and team.


Is P.A.C.E. an online or an offline program?

The Business P.A.C.E. program is an ONLINE 3 Day LIVE Program where you will be trained by Rajiv Talreja who is India’s leading MSME Business Coach on how to build high-performing teams, systems and strategies to build a business that can scale without your daily involvement.

Will the P.A.C.E. system work for my business/industry?

We have helped businesses across 195 industries achieve growth. I am sure your business would fall into one of those industries. Everyone of the participants have found value, and were able to implement what they have learned.

How will my personal doubts and questions regarding my business be answered?

You will have 3 breakout rooms every single day during the program where you can get all your personal doubts and questions answered by expert business coaches.

Will P.A.C.E. help me come out of debt?

If you’re in debt, then you ABSOLUTELY need to attend it. It is the most common problem among business owners as if you borrow money and put it in a broken machine, then all of it gets wasted.

You need to fix the machine first.

What team size is required to attend P.A.C.E.?

Anyone with or without a team can attend The Business P.A.C.E Program. 

It will help those with no team to build high-performing teams and it will help others in boosting their team’s performance exponentially.

Can I bring my team member/partner to attend along with me?

This program is relevant only for business owners who are the main decision makers in their business. If you want to bring along your business partner or core team member who is an equal decision maker you will have to purchase a separate ticket for them.

What support will I get beyond these 3 days?

We are there to help you and provide our support at all times. You can shoot us an email and we will try to respond to you as soon as possible.

If you want rajiv to reply directly then you can send him a message on Instagram.

What If I Pay And I’m Unable To Attend? Will I be able to attend it later?

No Problem, we are here to serve you in every way we can. You can attend it next time when it's happening. Just send an email to [email protected]  and we will let you know the next dates.

Learn to build high-performing teams, systems and strategies in just 3 days.

No more stress from your business, just happiness and time freedom.

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