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PACE Program Starts 9th September, 2022

“My friends & relatives thought that I’ll ALWAYS be a struggling businessman with an empty bank account, BUT… ”

a “SIMPLE idea” revealed on this page changed everything for me!

And today, I am:

  • A happy business owner with 4 successful ventures

  • Wildly profitable, growing & scaling month on month

  • Leading 2000+ employees - paid salaries in full, even during covid times.

  • Training, coaching & impacting lakhs of people globally!

  • An Amazon best selling author

an honest, open letter from my heart…

From: Rajiv Talreja, Asia’s Leading Business Coach
Location: Bangalore, India

Dear Business Owner,

This page does 2 things:

1.) shares my journey of achieving a breakthrough in my business - not to impress you,

but to impress UPON YOU- that’s taking your business to the next level is absolutely possible for you too!

No matter where you are, you can overcome all those challenges and achieve tremendous success!

2.) Invites you to spend 3 days with me,and learn my PACE system for business growth.

The exact system that gave me success. The system that has helped my clients to 10X their business in a short span of time

My business situation every month was like: (and I wasn’t alone!)


Unstable Income, inability to pay myself


Inconsistent Sales & lead generation


Rising Competition, dynamic market


Self Doubt

Stuck Payments


Struggle to pay for expenses


Underperforming Staff, poor retention


Sleepless Nights, Anxiety

the problem INTENSIFIED, and soon…

I was in big losses in business, approx- Rs 70 Lakhs

I was in debt, around Rs 45L

At the same time, my father incurred a big loss too. As a family, we were in Rs 4.2Cr loss & Rs 1.7Cr in debt..

I lost all hope. It crushed every fibre of my being...

I observed other successful business owners, and...

I tried to learn from them...

I realised that-

“If its possible in the world, Its possible for me as well”

I was missing something...

I realised that I had everything that a successful business owner has:

  • Ability to work really hard!
  • A burning desire to achieve success
  • Passion for business- my products & services
  • courage to start a business
  • Perseverance & risk taking ability

but it wasn’t enough...

and then, I figured it out!

I realised my #1 mistake: (and every business owner is guilty of this)

You know what...

I thought I was a business owner, but I really wasn’t.

I was “self employed”, pretending to be a business owner.

Because I was personally involved in every function of the business:

  • personally doing sales
  • personally doing marketing
  • personally serving the customers
  • Personally handling operations
  • personally involved in hiring, accounting etc.

Can such a business owner focus on


this is the reason why most business owners:

Can’t pay themselves consistently

Have multiple credit card debts

Play the SURVIVAL game, and NOT the SUCCESS/GROWTH game!

Live in self doubt & worries, despite having good products/services

I made a decision to drop my EGO and change…

I realised that I needed to change... because what I was doing, was obviously NOT working... My hunger grew, and I started my journey of learning, here’s what I did:

Interviewed 300+ business Leaders

I learned about their strategies & systems of growing their business

Invested Rs 40L+ in personal growth

learned from successful mentors & coaches, about building a business and scaling it.

I tried, tested, optimised & finally created: P.A.C.E

I learned lots of strategies & systems of business growth! I implemented them, observed what worked, and what didn’t...
and finally, PACE was born

PACE is my system of growing a business that is stable & profitable. This system is build upon:


The best strategies of marketing, sales,Ops, HR, accounting etc!


The foundation of business independence, every function of your business needs to have a SYSTEM of running on its own


From defining the roles of each person, to hiring them, training them, monitoring them, leading them- thats the ultimate secret to scale

P.A.C.E System helped me grow & scale 4 successful businesses that employ 2000+ people

this is not to impress you… but to IMPRESS UPON YOU, that if I can do it, so can you! today, I run these 4 businesses successfully:

Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd, my training & coaching company

a sports team I own, which is a part of the sporting league ‘Celebrity Badminton League (CBL)’

DreamCatcher Investments Pvt Ltd

DreamCraft Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Connext logo

Cream Bun Technologies Private Limited


Zoozle Tech Private Limited

and today: I’m on a MISSION to help business owners achieve profit & growth, using PACE program!

Because I’ve been through a lot of struggle myself...

...helping business owners grow and expand their businesses- this is what gives my life MEANING!

Its sort of a HEALING EXPERIENCE for me! and its my true calling, my real passion!

And this is the need of the hour. Most business owners today are playing the game of self-employment, no matter what the team size is!

I’m on a mission to help business owners build a business that helps them escape from firefighting to TRUE FREEDOM...

Look how P.A.C.E Transformed
these businesses:
(so, its not just me!)

Before- 1 year Turnover - Rs.3,50,00,000/- per annum
Within 12 months: Generated Rs.6crores Turnover

Before - 1 year Turnover - Rs.40,00,000/- per annum
Within 12 months - Generated Rs.1.2crores Turnover

Revenue: 12.5 Lakh p.a to 60 Lakh p.a
50 Lakh in last 6 months

Before: Rs.28,00,00,000/ Revenue in 12 months
After: Rs.68,00,00,000/ Revenue in 14 months Notes Comments

12 months before: Sales: Rs.96,00,000/60 days after - No involvement in Operational tasks Generated Rs.1,25,00,000/
Within 12 months - Rs.4,85,00,000/ April 2020 - Gave out his 1st Franchise in Ahmedabad

FY Before, 2.81 Crore Revenue
FY After - 4.07 Crore Revenue

P.A.C.E Program helps businesses across ALL industries & sectors...

Accounting / Audit / Tax

Advertising, Media & Publishing

Banking & Financial Services

Building & Construction

Education & Training


Food & Beverge

Government & Public Organization

Oil & Gas


P.A.C.E Program helps businesses of all sizes: to move to NEXT LEVEL!

Which Phase Are you In currently?


  • Struggling to get initial customers
  • constantly investing in business
  • unclear & wishful business model
  • Desperation to make $$$


  • Workable business model, but unstable income
  • Cashflow issues, ‘hand-to- mouth’ earning.
  • Chasing bill & expense dead- lines

STABLE phase

  • Profitable business
  • BUT- business owner drives most of the functions, or certain functions of the business


  • Functional heads
  • owner independence
  • owner focussed on growth & expansion
  • rapid financial growth

in Just 3 days, you’ll have the EXACT PLAN to move to the next level!

WAIT! PACE is for you ONLY-IF:

Ambitious & hungry

Enough to 10X your business this year

Coachable & open minded,

Ready to invest in your personal growth

BOLD & Courageous ENOUGH

To act on the strategies & systems!


completely transform your business in 3 days, LIVE with Rajiv!

FINALLY- get ready for this transition:

Before P.A.C.E

After P.A.C.E

After P.A.C.E

Before P.A.C.E

Less Time More Time For Growth & Expansion
Chaos & Firefighting Structured, Organised & Iron Clad With Systems​
Lack Of Money Consistent Sales​
Debt Healthy Cashflow
Lack Of Growth Rapid Profitable Growth

Here’s what you’ll accomplish with Rajiv in 3 days

Day #1 (Part 1)

Clarity Of Holistic Goals- because starting point of success is goal setting. Most entrepreneurs don’t have CLARITY- that’s why they fail. Rajiv will help you set holistic goals in 5 areas:

  • Financial goals
  • Customer goals
  • Functional Goals
  • Team Goals
  • Learning Goals

Day #1 (Part 2) & Day #2 (Part 1)

Clarity Of Business Model- here, Rajiv helps you with strategies to absolutely ‘bullet-proof ’ your business model, and will all the gaps:

  • identifying the best target market
  • dealing with slow payment cycles
  • Fixing low margin issues
  • Handling slow sales cycle
These exercises will build an absolute foundation for your business!

Day #2 (Part 2)

Fixing Your Business Functions-

  • learn how to make all functions (marketing, sales, HR, operations, accounts etc,- actually function efficiently
  • learn the elements you need to change, to make functions functional
By the end of Day #2- you now have the FUNCTIONs- that can help you build a business without you!

Day #3 (Part 1)

Science Of People Management - Rajiv unveils his tools, templates & steps that will help you:

  • hire the right people - how to source multiple candidates, how to evaluate their attitude, skills & behaviour. Your quality of hiring goes through the roof!
  • How to train & develop people
  • Scientific Appraisal System- so you can systematically evaluate people and reward them.
  • Reviewing the work of your team members and giving them feedback
  • Firing The Wrong people in your business
You now have everything you need, to build a business with you! But, there's more!

Day #3 (Part 2)

Specific Steps to grow your business - Depending on where you are, Rajiv shows you specific steps to move to the next level:

  • Steps for growing from ‘Struggle & Survival’ phase to ‘Stability’ phase.
  • Steps for growing from ‘Stability’ to ‘Success’ phase.
  • Steps for growing from ‘Success’ to ‘Scale’ phase!
This is DEEP and amazing- because you walk out with a clear cut, specific action plan.

You’re now ready to take-off!

Question: If I help you 10X your business this year, what would you pay, honestly? Check this:

  • I’ve seen people spend LAKHs of rupees on formal education, acquiring degrees, only to find out themselves in loss & debt...

    ...turns out- we forgot to spend time & money into learning the things that actually make our business profitable.

  • If you were to work 121 with a coach in my team, it would cost you:

₨ 10,00,000/year

BUT- in the P.A.C.E program, we teach you all that you need to know

P.A.C.E Pricing Before COVID:

  • We used to charge people Rs 30k for 3 days. Gave them a 5-star hotel experience, lunch, dinner, high tea etc.

₨ 30,000 + GST

Special Offer- Just for Today!

because you're here today,

I really want you to benefit from the P.A.C.E experience,

and I want to encourage you to register before our limited spots get filled up.

that’s why, only for today, I want offer it to you at a really special price:

₨ 9999

(inclusive of GST)

Special Bonuses- Just For TODAY!

Bonus #1- PACE Workbook
Value: ₨ 10,000- FREE TODAY!

In P.A.C.E offline Seminar, participants have actually paid Rs 10k for this workbook, its valuable because it contains all the templates and tools that Rajiv shared in PACE.

Bonus #2- Mastering Your Time (Video Training)
Value: ₨ 6000- FREE TODAY!

This 2 hours training helps you get back CONTROL over your time. More productivity means more money. And now, you have it! It contains Rajiv’s research and tools

Bonus #3- Mastering Your Life (5 ingredients)
Value: ₨ 6000- FREE TODAY!

This 2 hours training helps you get back control over your LIFE. Your energy, how you feel & everything around it. More energy means more output- and that means more income. And now, you have it! It contains Rajiv’s video training

Bonus #4- Stages of Scaling your business (Video Training)
Value: Rs 8000- FREE TODAY!

This 2 hours training helps you get clarity on the various stages of a SCALING business. With clarity comes power! And now, you have it! It contains Rajiv’s video training

Here’s everything you get for Rs 9999:

TOTAL VALUE: ₨ 39,999

You Pay: ₨ 39,999 ₨ 9999

P.A.C.E Program Dates:

9th, 10th & 11th September, 2022


Will P.A.C.E work for my specific business?

More than 10,000 entrepreneurs from 190+ industries have attended P.A.C.E in the last 6 years. Everyone has found value, and were able to implement what they learned.

Every possible type of business- we’ve helped them achieve a breakthrough.

But, lets help you. Answer this-

  • Does your business need to create functional goals? YES.
  • Does your business model needs fine tuning to perfection? YES
  • Does your business functions need refining, so they can actually function with you? YES
  • Does your business need to hire A-players? YES
  • Do you want those A-players to perform? YES (hopefully, right?)
So, just jump IN 🙂

I’m in debt. Will this help?

If you’re in debt, you ABSOLUTELY need to attend it, to learn how to get out of debt.

Once you set your goals right & deploy systems- you get out of debt, because your focus changes- and you make more money.

We’ve had this happened for hundreds of clients.

I’m already profitable/my business is Old. Will this help?

P.A.C.E will help you move to the next level- if you’re HUNGRY and passionate, you’ll be able to build a 2nd line of leadership, or even a management team- using P.A.C.E system!

Remember- if you're not growing, you’re dying. You're never at a stagnant state. We encourage you to raise your standards- join a group of people who are always shooting for the new goal, with full of fun, thrill, excitement & happiness!

What ‘Team Size’ is required to attend?

Different businesses from team size 1-800 have attended the P.A.C.E Program, and found it very relevant for their teams.

If you have a team- ANY SIZE, you must attend it. If you’re solo-preneur- who has aspiration to grow- don’t miss it.

Can I bring my team member/partner to attend along with me?

Yes, but you need to pay additional of Rs 9999. You will have your video switched on throughout these 3 days and the fee only allows ONE participant

Will my personal questions get answered?

Yes! During the program, you’ll be put into short break-out rooms with one of Rajiv’s business coaches, and they’ll help you with your questions.

What support will I get beyond these 3 days?

You can always reach out to Rajiv on Instagram after you’ve attended the 3 day program, to ask him questions on implementation of what you've learned. We’ll be happy to help you out.

What if I pay and I’m unable to attend?

No problem, you can attend it next time when its happening. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will let you know the next dates.

Can I pay now and attend later?

Yes. You can attend it next time when its happening. Just send an email to [email protected] and we will let you know the next dates.

3 signs that your business may NOT grow this year...

  • You somehow find yourself doing business just to survive, to meet those expenses, pay off bills/debt etc.

Its not your fault. Its just how we are conditioned, because of so much struggle, that small success (survival) makes us comfortable! With P.A.C.E, you get to taste the BIG SUCCESS. Because you expand. When you grow, your business grows. It’s a complete mindset shift.

  • You Believe that only YOU can do a certain job/function in your business – and a team member won’t perform well.

For past 100s of years, various types of businesses have become BIG- only because of teams. This is only an irrational fearThis only means that you need to learn science of people management. You learned how to walk, how to drive etc. Learn it. If you fail, we’re here for you!

  • Thinking that you don’t have money to spend on salaries.

Here’s an real eye opener- if hiring people for you would be URGENT and IMPORTANT- you would have found the money. Someone in your mind, you don’t believe that its important or possible. Real business owners don’t treat salaries as expenses, but investment. Start small, its okay. Learn the systems, and take action! This is where PACE will help you.

OBSERVE: All 3 above are just thoughts in your mind. Stories you’ve told yourself.

₹ 9999 ₹ 39,999

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