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When I started as an entrepreneur in 2006-07, I faced 102 rejections in the first 6 months before I cracked my first deal. These rejections helped me learn the most valuable lesson as an entrepreneur which is – “People buy Results”

Rajiv Talreja
About Me

Rajiv Talreja

I am Rajiv Talreja, and I am a business coach. My entrepreneurial journey started when I founded Quantum Leap in the year 2006 as a Corporate Training Company. From 2006 to 2014, we built a clientele of 110 corporate organizations.

In 2010, I set-up 3 more businesses, in Outsourcing, Recruitment and in the Event Management space.

In December 2012, I shut down my Outsourcing Company and my Recruitment business after suffering a 70 lakh loss and finding myself in a 45 Lakh debt. I was sick and tired of working hard for NOTHING. I realised that to build successful businesses, I needed to accumulate more knowledge.

Thus began my learning expedition where I traveled across the country and interviewed 300 Business Leaders who had built some of the biggest brands in India.

Experienced in business coaching since 2006

I asked them 2 questions:

I asked them 2 questions:

1. What is the SYSTEM to set goals, track goals and achieve goals in every department of the business? (P.S. – I was sick and tired of setting goals and not achieving them)
2. What is the STRATEGY to build a SCALABLE & PROFITABLE Business? (P.S. I was done with working hard for NOTHING)

This research journey led me to authoring and publishing my book titled – “Lead or Bleed” which went on to become an AMAZON Bestseller in 4 categories. I started evolving a system for entrepreneurs to use in their businesses to set, track and achieve goals in every department of their business which I named the P.A.C.E System.
After having experienced failures first hand, I decided to pave the way for other entrepreneurs towards building a successful business by becoming a business coach. Since 2016, I have worked as a business coach with entrepreneurs in helping them create tangible results and growth by implementing the P.A.C.E system.

I have impacted the lives of more than 500,000 people over the last decade through my Training programs & have built an exclusive Community of 1000+ entrepreneurs who we handhold through our 1to1 Coaching.

I used the same P.A.C.E system to rebuild my businesses and currently I’m running 5 successful ventures and 1 sports team

I used the same P.A.C.E system to rebuild my businesses and currently I’m running 5 successful ventures and 1 sports team

Quantum Leap Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd,
my training & coaching company

a sports team I own, which is a part of the sporting league ‘Celebrity Badminton League (CBL)’

Investing in Start Ups for Value Creation

Experiential Events and Experiences Company

Connext logo

Platform to Curate Connections for SME's


Ecommerce to Take the Best of India to the Rest of India

Across these 6 businesses, we employ more than 2,000 people which is the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling ever.
I believe in the philosophy that “Your business is a part of your life and not your life” and this has led me to commit my life as a business coach to practicing a lifestyle which I call the “AND Life”. I teach this “AND Life” System to Entrepreneurs for FREE as my way of giving back to the entrepreneur community. The idea behind the AND Life system is to have clarity and pursue HOLISTIC Living by taking care of one’s Health AND Wealth AND Relationships AND Business AND Recreation AND Contribution AND Spiritual Growth. I call it the “AND Life” because most people are stuck in the “OR” game.

“I am on a mission to help business owners build a business which can grow without them.”

Free Business Toolkit

Free Business Toolkit

For Business Owners who want to explode profits in 2022, At will, and FINALLY achieve breakthrough